Implementation Planning for New RPPR Standard Form

March 31, 2011 § 4 Comments

On January 5th 2011, the National Science Foundation (NSF) hosted a meeting with research agencies and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to discuss the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) implementation. The meeting provided participants with historical context and background of the RPPR; information around the process for clearance of agency implementation packages; answers to specific questions; and a plan for developing a government-wide RPPR data dictionary.

The RPPR policy letter was signed on April 21, 2010. Each agency was required to post an implementation plan by January 21, 2011, that addresses the agency’s plan to use the paper or electronic format and the agency’s anticipated implementation date. Currently, 11 agencies have posted implementation plans to the RPPR Website.

To support the RPPR initiative, the Grants Management Line of Business (GMLOB) Program Management Office (PMO) plans to engage all stakeholders in a collective effort to develop a government-wide RPPR Data Dictionary. This is the first time that agencies will proactively collaborate on how to consistently implement a standard post-award form. Leveraging NSF’s RPPR draft data dictionary as a starting point, GMLOB has sent a draft data dictionary to agency representatives for initial comment. Once comments are collected and analyzed, GMLOB will design and facilitate a cross-agency vetting session to make specific data element decisions and finalize the dictionary.

A government-wide RPPR data dictionary benefits the agencies and their grantees by ensuring consistent RPPR implementation across the government. The data dictionary will improve data integrity and consistency and foster agency cross-collaboration and information sharing, which will also benefit agencies and grantees.


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§ 4 Responses to Implementation Planning for New RPPR Standard Form

  • lhayes1 says:

    Several years ago, OMB approved conditional use of the SF-PPR for non-research reporting. Is there any way to find otu which agencies and offices are currently using the SF-PPR? When will it become approved for all agencies to use?

    • GMLOB says:

      The SF-PPR is currently used by the Department of the Health and Human Services (HHS), Administration of Children and Families (ACF) Center for Excellence (COE) and its Partners. Members of the COE can use the SF-PPR cover page along with optional attachments SF-PPR-A Performance Measures and/or SF-PPR-E Activity-Based Expenditures. The current clearance is valid through October 31, 2012 (OMB Approval Number 0970-0334). Federal agencies not within the COE must get additional agency-specific clearance from OMB to use the SF-PPR forms and additional agency-specific or program-specific clearance to use attachments in the recommended formats.

      A work group of agencies interested in the SF-PPR are looking at opportunities to link the data elements on pre-award forms for work plans with the data elements on the SF-PPR.

      For more information on the COE, please visit

  • klguentert says:

    I hope that future endeavors proceed in the same way – it removes administrative burden on all parties. A question – are you going to leverage the already existing data dictionaries created with the SF424 R&R formsets?

    • gmlob2 says:

      Absolutely. Where a standard already exists, we think it is in the best interest of the community to use that standard. The resources we plan on leveraging are SF-424 and USASpending. However, we plan on validating this concept with our stakeholders at our RPPR Group Vetting session on Thursday, April 7th. The vetting session will also provide us with the opportunity to reconcile where existing standards may differ in definition and in data standard.

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