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Posted on Behalf of Judy Ceresa, PMO

The Program Management Office (PMO) continues to work on disaster recovery efforts, as this is a high-priority requirement for maintaining system reliability and availability for all users, including applicants, grant-making agencies, and other grants community stakeholders.

The PMO is currently in the process of recompeting the contract for the system integrator. The PMO’s goal is to award a new contract in September 2011.

Remaining FY 2011 System Enhancements

Several upgrades to the system are planned for the remainder of this Fiscal Year.

For Applicants:

Most notably, functionality will be added to the system that will validate the status of an applicant’s Central Contractor Registration (CCR) registration renewal. The validation will occur in real-time. Applicants will receive error messages upon application submission if their CCR registration needs to be renewed. These error messages will contain the organization’s E-Business (E-Biz) point of contact (POC) name and e-mail address. Applicants will not be permitted to submit applications if their CCR registration is not current. Instructions will also be added to the website on the E-Biz POC login screen in an effort to better assist applicants with the login process.

For Grantors:

Functionality will be added to the system to enable grant-making agencies to create, modify, and delete application package postings via web service. Status date, authorized organization representative (AOR) e-mail address, and DUNS number fields will be added to the grantor reject report.  New fields will also be added to the applicant status reporting functionality enabling grant-making agencies to add comments/notes upon receipt or rejection of all application submissions in an effort to improve communication between grant-making agencies and applicants.


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