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Posted on behalf of Judy Ceresa, PMO

The Program Management Office (PMO) is happy to report that the new system integrator contract will be awarded in early September. Boris DeSouza was recently named as the new Program Manager for Mr. DeSouza had been serving as the Acting Program Manager since the departure of Phil Clark back in March of this year. The PMO is hopeful that a new Program Manager will be on board in the near future. Disaster recovery efforts also continue to be a high priority for the PMO. The system remained stable during both the recent earthquake and hurricane Irene.

For Applicants:

The Central Contractor Registration (CCR) requires organizations to renew their registration on an annual basis. On August 6, the PMO released functionality that allows to validate in real time the status of an applicant organization’s CCR registration. If an applicant’s CCR registration has expired the applicant will receive an e-mail following application submission notifying the applicant that their application submission failed. The error message will contain directions to the applicant to contact their organization’s E-Business (E-Biz) point of contact (POC). Both the E-Biz POC’s name and e-mail address will be included in the e-mail notification. Applicants will not be permitted to submit applications if their CCR registration is not current. Additionally, when applicants log into their accounts, they can view their organization’s CCR expiration date on the left-hand navigation located directly under their name and organization DUNS number.

For Grantors:

On August 6, functionality was added to to enable grant-making agencies to create, modify, and delete application package postings via web service. Additionally, status date, authorized organization representative (AOR) e-mail address, and DUNS number fields were added to the Grantor Reject Report. New fields were also added to the Applicant Status Report that enables grant-making agencies to add comments/notes upon receipt or rejection of all application submissions in an effort to improve communication between grant-making agencies and applicants.


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