Do You Use CCR or EPLS Data? Changes Are Coming!

December 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Posted on behalf of Meredith Whitehead, General Services Administration

If you thought the General Services Administration (GSA)’s System for Award Management (SAM) would impact others but not you, you may want to look a little more closely. SAM will combine the currently siloed capabilities and hosting environments of nine systems in GSA’s Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) into a unified whole (see for additional information). The benefits will include a streamlined user experience, improved data quality, and significant cost savings.

What does this have to do with grants? Today, grantees have to register in the inaccurately named Central Contractor Registration (CCR) in order to be eligible for federal grants. While the grant award itself does not take place in any of the IAE systems, the grant award and the grant payment do depend on data found in CCR. In addition, grants offices use the data in the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) to be sure the prospective grantee has not been debarred.

In some cases, grants awards—and very often, grants payments—are processed in agency-specific systems. These systems typically have a technical interface with CCR that allows them to complete the processes for which they were designed. With the coming replacement of CCR with SAM’s Entity Management functional area in May 2012, those interfaces must change if the grants and finance systems are to continue awarding grants and paying grantees. This also applies to any systems that have a technical interface with EPLS.

Owners of systems that use CCR extracts or interface with CCR or EPLS should contact right away to learn how to maintain the interface when SAM replaces the legacy system.

For more information on SAM, including the list of systems included in subsequent SAM phases and interface specification information, please visit the SAM website at


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