Federal grants and other financial assistance awards represent approximately 1/6th of the annual federal budget and support more than 1,000 programs across 26 federal agencies. The management of these awards encompasses several key disciplines including policy, grant award and management, performance and financial monitoring, and technology. In 2004, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) established the Grants Management Line of Business (GMLOB) to support these disciplines as well as federal government grants management streamlining and creating a common solution for grants management that promotes increased citizen access, customer service, and agency financial and technical stewardship. GMLOB works with 26 grant-making agencies to balance their grant-making needs with government-wide goals of efficiency, standardization, streamlining, and transparency.

The federal grants community has partnered with GMLOB to launch the Grants World Blog as a resource for increasing transparency in federal grants management and sharing information with grantees, applicants, and the public. Content you will be able to find on this Blog include updates on federal grants management activities; stakeholder announcements; details on grants events; updates on current and new legislation; links to relevant Federal Register Notices,; stories of interest to grantees and applicants; and requests for input from the grantee and applicant community. The Blog is overseen by an editorial board made up of federal grants professionals who serve on the GMLOB Communications Committee. Members include:

  • Matthew Faulkner, US Department of Agriculture
  • Jeremy Leffler, National Science Foundation
  • Erika Rissi, National Science Foundation
  • Loretta Smith-Hawkins, Grants.gov
  • Kathleen Williams, National Archives and Records Administration

We strive to be a useful resource to the community and commit to responding to relevant comments on posts to the Grants World Blog within 72 hours. Please note that the GMLOB Communications Committee reserves the right to remove comments deemed inappropriate for the Grants World Blog. Inappropriate comments are defined as profane language, threats, or spam.

For more information on GMLOB please see the FAQs or provide your questions as comments below. In addition, contact the GMLOB PMO directly at GMLOB@sra.com.


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  • dubucl says:

    The FDP presentation indicates agencies within the GMLoB Landscape that fall under each group: consortia partnership, strategic partnership, alternate solutions and transitioning agencies. I noticed a number of partering departments listed under the consortia partnships do not actually use the solution across all of their grant making agencies or administrations (ie: DOT). Is there a way to find out exactly which agencies are currently using consortia solutions to manage their grant line of business?

    • GMLOB says:

      The FDP presentation depicts the GMLOB Landscape as it currently stands. Some grant-making agencies have submitted an appeal to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to implement a different solution. However, no decisions have been made by OMB on agency appeals. As a result, the GMLOB Landscape cannot be updated.

      • dubucl says:

        Are the appeals public information? If a federal agencies wanted to find out if another granting agency has a solution outside the consortia that is a better fit for their agency, is there a way for that agency to receive that information from OMB. Is there an anticipated timeframe for OMB to make a decision on those appeals?

      • GMLOB says:

        Agency appeal information is not available to the public, and a timeframe for making a decision on pending appeals has not been set by OMB. The best way to investigate an agency’s grants management system capabilities is to meet with them directly. However, you can see each agency’s grants management IT investment on the IT Dashboard (http://it.usaspending.gov/) by searching “grants management.”

  • umichbob says:

    At the last FDP meeting, it was stated, by the GMLOB presenters that members of the Grantee Community would be brought into the GMLOB develoment proces. How will this be done?

    • GMLOB says:

      During the January FDP meeting, the GMLOB Managing Partner discussed getting members of the grantee community involved in the GMLOB PMO’s communications activities, such as this Blog. The GMLOB Communications Committee, which serves as the Editorial Board for the Blog, will be discussing how best to involve the grantee community in the coming months. Once a process is in place,the Committee will work with key stakeholders to identify individuals to help guide future communications from the federal grants community and identify topics of interest to the community.

  • lhayes1 says:

    Will the new simplified acquisition threshold (now $150,000) have any impact on grants management and procuremnt under grants for recipients and subrecipients?

    • GMLOB says:

      It is at OMB’s discretion to change the threshold used in OMB circulars and guidance pertaining to grants. OMB is currently evaluating what the impact would be if the threshold for grants was the same as in the FAR.

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